In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of diabetes research, understanding the unique needs and preferences of patients can be challenging. At Thrivable, we pride ourselves on our extensive expertise in diabetes, fueled by a one-of-its-kind patient database and a research team that knows the intricacies of the condition inside and out. We recently partnered with a leading insulin pump manufacturer on a project that allowed us to delve deep into the minds of diverse patient populations, unearthing invaluable insights that will shape an upcoming product launch strategy.

Understanding the Complexity of Patient Insights in Diabetes Research

Navigating the dynamic landscape of diabetes research is no easy feat. Rapid advancements and evolving treatment paradigms make it essential to stay attuned to patient needs and preferences. At Thrivable, we recognize the importance of deciphering these complexities with insights from high-quality panelists, as their experiences are invaluable in shaping products that truly improve the lives of patients.


Project Objective: Targeting Diverse Insulin Pump Users

When this client approached us, their objective was clear: to gain deep insights into the thoughts and feedback of various patient populations who use different insulin pump brands. This presented a prime opportunity to showcase the strength of our database, cultivated through our always-on recruiting efforts. Our extensive panelists, ready and waiting, enabled us to rapidly assemble diverse focus groups and dive into the heart of the matter quickly and efficiently, without the need to ramp up recruitment efforts.


The Thrivable Advantage: Expertise and Meticulous Research Planning

At Thrivable, our internal research team, comprising industry-leading experts, is one of our greatest assets. Our profound understanding of diabetes research allowed us to devise a meticulous research plan that would effectively address the business pain point. By combining our team's expertise with the power of our comprehensive database, we ensured that every step of the research process was carefully executed to yield meaningful insights.


Methodology: Building Trust and Engagement

In executing the research, we take immense pride in our ability to not only recruit participants from our database but also ensure their active participation and engagement. Our long-standing relationships with panelists, built on trust and mutual respect, enabled us to overcome the challenges of garnering high participation rates for the focus groups. This trust factor, combined with our expertise in focus group moderation, facilitated dynamic discussions and fostered the emergence of diverse perspectives and insights. The research process involved a multi-step approach:

Visual Material Presentation

Patients were presented with a set of visual materials representing the creative concepts via Zoom screen share.

Individual Online Survey

Patients provided their thoughts and initial feedback through an online survey, allowing for individual expression of their opinions.

Moderated Group Discussion

Patients participated in group discussions, allowing for dynamic interactions and the emergence of diverse perspectives.


Key Findings and Implications

Through our meticulous data collection and analysis, we unearthed four key insights that hold immense value for insulin pump providers: 

Functional and Real-Life Representation

Patients highly value visuals that demonstrate the functionality of insulin pumps and their portrayal on the body. Real-life activities depicted in creative concepts resonated strongly with patients.

Embracing Diversity

Patients stressed the importance of diverse representation within marketing materials, highlighting the need for inclusivity and the acknowledgment of different backgrounds and experiences.

Combatting Stigmas

Patients expressed concerns about phrasing in marketing materials, specifically in regard to perpetuating stigmas associated with diabetes.

Size Considerations

Surprisingly, patients did not prioritize small size for insulin pumps, as long as they were not excessively bulky.


These insights have significant implications for the client’s business strategy. Initially, the headlining features portrayed in the creative concepts did not ignite enthusiasm among patients. However, with simple, targeted changes, our client can align their product development and marketing strategies more closely with patient expectations.

If you're seeking access to the a database of 45,000+ verified diabetes patients and want to tap into Thrivable's expertise in diabetes research to test product updates, brand messaging or win new business, don't hesitate to set up a call with our team.

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Adam Zandman

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