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What types of research studies will I be invited to participate in?

Invitations to participate in a research study are based on the specific goals of the research and the patient population that the health care company needs to reach. This is why it’s good to make sure that your panelist profile is up to date. And, the more detailed your profile is, the more likely you are to receive invitations.

Study formats vary in relation to the research goals and objectives. Your participation might involve an online poll with five quick questions that takes only a few minutes or a more detailed online survey with a mix of multiple-choice questions and comment fields that requires an hour of your time. There are also phone surveys during which a researcher walks you through the questions and captures your responses on the call, as well as video-based focus groups where you’ll provide feedback alongside other patients. You might even be invited to a lab in person to weigh in on new med-tech prototypes under the guidance of the research team.


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