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What guidelines do members need to follow?

Have Correct Contact Info

First, make sure we always have the right email address for you. This is our primary means of communicating with members and inviting them to participate in a study.

Always Show Up

Don’t be a “no-show” for a research study you agreed to participate in that requires the scheduling of an interview (in-person, online, video, etc.). We completely understand that last-minute conflicts come up. At the same time, Thrivable needs to make sure that all members show up for their pre-scheduled sessions. Any member who fails to notify us in advance by phone or email and is a no-show for the session will be removed permanently from the panel. 

Protect Confidentiality

All research studies are confidential, so members who post information about a study on social media platforms or who violate any confidentiality terms at any time will be removed from the panel.

Tell the Truth

Finally, members who knowingly provide false or misleading answers will be permanently removed from the panel. Our platform has built-in features that detect problematic responses so that we can take the required action. This also means that you can rest assured that you are joining a high quality patient panel that’s dedicated to advancing healthcare market research outcomes.


If you are not currently a member and want to join our Wait List, please complete this form.

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