Panelist FAQs

Joining the Thrivable panel provides an opportunity to drive change and improve the next generation of health care. You'll get to share your opinions on the topics that you care about most and make sure a diverse group of voices is heard. Plus, you’ll get paid for your time!

About Our Panel

What is Thrivable's market research panel?

Our panel is a community of tens of thousands of patients who have chosen to participate in healthcare studies in exchange for incentives. By signing up, these individuals are available to share their stories, insights, and perspectives on an as-needed basis with companies that design, develop, and deliver new healthcare products, services, and technologies.

How do companies use the insights that they gather?

Some research studies focus on testing concepts for new devices and apps, while others are designed to gather feedback from patients on ways to communicate important product features and benefits. The topics may be very narrow, such as your opinion on a name for an app navigation item, or much broader in order to gather your perspectives on various providers of therapies that are relevant to your health condition.  

In addition, the research study results may be presented at scientific or professional meetings or published in scientific journals. However, panelist identity is never disclosed nor is any personal health information except as authorized by the panelist or as required by law.


How do I join the panel?

Generally, Thrivable's panel is by invitation only. However, there are occasions when we extend our outreach to prospective panelists based on a particular research need. If you would like to be considered for future invitations to join our panel, please email with the subject line "Interested Panelist."

How often will I be contacted for a study?

You’ll be contacted when your profile matches the company’s criteria for respondents. Some panelists receive an invitation each month, while others may get three to four invitations each year. Participation is always voluntary.

Also, Thrivable is continually expanding its panels for new health conditions. If you have recently signed up for a new panel, you may not receive an invitation for up to eight or 12 weeks because of the time it takes for customers to design and develop their research activities. Our newest panels currently include depression and heart/cardiovascular.

Why types of research studies will I be invited to participate in?

Invitations to participate in a research study are based on the specific goals of the research and the patient population that the health care company needs to reach. This is why it’s good to make sure that your panelist profile is up to date. And, the more detailed your profile is, the more likely you are to receive invitations.

Study formats vary in relation to the research goals and objectives. Your participation might involve an online poll with five quick questions that takes only a few minutes or a more detailed online survey with a mix of multiple-choice questions and comment fields that requires an hour of your time. There are also phone surveys during which a researcher walks you through the questions and captures your responses on the call, as well as video-based focus groups where you’ll provide feedback alongside other patients. You might even be invited to a lab in person to weigh in on new medtech prototypes under the guidance of the research team.

Will I get to see the results of the research?

Panelists are sent a confirmation that their responses were received, but most do not see actual results. You may get a brief summary of the research outcomes, depending on the preference of the company conducting the study. Thrivable may occasionally send you updates about research findings that are in aggregate.


How much will I be paid for participating in a study?

Most studies offer compensation (up to $75 per hour) in the form of a cash or gift card. Compensation is based on the complexity of the survey and the time required of participants. You will always know what the compensation is prior to agreeing to participate.

Sometimes the incentive is the chance to enter a sweepstakes program rather than receiving direct compensation. Sweepstakes rules and guidelines are provided with the study invitation.

How do I get paid?

After completing a research activity, panelists can visit their dashboard and click "Request Payout." On the 15th of the following month, panelists receive an email to redeem either a cash card (for payments over $5) or a gift card. Please note that payout requests are limited to one per month. 


How does Thrivable protect my privacy?

Your privacy matters to Thrivable. We are HIPAA compliant, and all personally identifiable information we collect is kept confidential.

Will my personal information be shared with third parties?

As noted above, panelist responses may be used for research purposes that include presentations at scientific or professional meetings or publication in scientific journals. All personally identifiable information is always removed before the research study is analyzed or published. You can learn more by reviewing our Privacy Policy and Research Consent Policy.

What if I no longer want to be a panelist?

You can unsubscribe from Thrivable survey communications by accessing the unsubscribe button in the emails you receive from us (all emails include this). To be removed from our database permanently, please email Our Privacy Policy contains additional details on options to control your personal information. 

General Guidelines

What guidelines do panelists need to follow?

Have Correct Contact Info: First, make sure we always have the right email address for you. This is our primary means of communicating with panelists and inviting them to participate in a study.

Always Show Up: Don’t be a “no-show” for a research study you agreed to participate in that requires the scheduling of an interview (in-person, online, video, etc.). We completely understand that last-minute conflicts come up. At the same time, Thrivable needs to make sure that all panelists show up for their pre-scheduled sessions. Any panelist who fails to notify us in advance by phone or email and is a no-show for the session will be removed permanently from the panel. 

Protect Confidentiality: All research studies are confidential, so panelists who post information about a study on social media platforms or who violate any confidentiality terms at any time will be removed from the panel.

Tell the Truth: Finally, panelists who knowingly provide false or misleading answers will be permanently removed from the panel. Our platform has built-in features that detect problematic responses so that we can take the required action. This also means that you can rest assured that you are joining a high quality patient panel that’s dedicated to advancing healthcare market research outcomes.