At Thrivable, we are passionate about empowering companies to make a difference in their patient’s lives. We understand the importance of research in the healthcare industry, particularly when it comes to developing breakthrough treatments and improving patient experiences. That's why we offer solutions that enable teams across your healthcare organization to connect with our extensive database of patients, providing you with the insights needed to make confident decisions and shape the future of healthcare.

Conducting human factors research that covers a variety of areas of the business, including product, brand, and customer experience, can provide several benefits for a company pursuing FDA approval. First, let’s explore some of the biggest pain points and reasons for conducting cross-functional research:

Pain points of not integrating research

Missed Opportunities

Without research integration, teams across your organization are likely to miss valuable insights and opportunities. Siloed research leads to duplication of efforts and prevents teams from accessing a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s needs and preferences. This lack of collaboration can result in suboptimal products, ineffective marketing strategies, and missed chances for breakthrough discoveries.

Inconsistent Customer Experiences

When research is not integrated, customer experience teams struggle to gather comprehensive feedback and insights. This can result in inconsistent experiences for patients, as feedback from one team might not be communicated effectively to others. Without a holistic understanding of customer needs, organizations may struggle to provide seamless and personalized experiences that meet the patient’s expectations.

Regulatory Hurdles

The FDA places great emphasis on ensuring the safety and effectiveness of medical products, including their usability and user interface. Efficient and holistic human factors research helps you avoid costly delays or rejections during the approval process. When you need rigorous, valid diabetes patient research, trust a company with a deep understanding of the unique pain points and goals of the diabetes sector.


The upside of using human factors research

Holistic Understanding of Patients

Integrating human factors research allows teams to gain a holistic understanding of patients, their behaviors, and their needs. Whether you build medtech devices or develop pharmaceutical drugs, by accessing Thrivable's patient database, your organization can tap into a vast pool of high-quality participants suitable for all types of research. This comprehensive knowledge empowers teams to develop breakthrough products, optimize customer experiences, recruit diverse participants for trials, and build impactful marketing campaigns.

Collaboration and Efficiency

Integrating research breaks down silos and fosters collaboration across teams. By sharing research insights and leveraging collective knowledge, teams can work together more efficiently and make informed decisions. Oftentimes, it is the question you didn’t even think to ask that provides that integral breakthrough. Combining various teams’ research needs exposes you to holistic research. Thrivable provides the tools and resources to facilitate seamless communication and knowledge sharing, enabling teams to collaborate effectively and maximize the impact of research efforts.

Enhanced Patient-Centric Approach

Human factors research puts patients at the center of decision-making processes. By incorporating patients' perspectives and experiences, organizations can develop products, services, and marketing strategies that truly resonate with their target audience. Thrivable's patient database, combined with our expertise in human factors research, empowers your organization to create patient-centric solutions that improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.


Integration is key

At Thrivable, we are passionate about empowering companies to make a difference in their patient’s lives. That's why we offer solutions that enable teams across your healthcare organization to connect with our extensive database of patients, providing you with the insights needed to make confident decisions and shape the future of healthcare, from kickoff to research implementation. Let’s explore all the ways human factors research can benefit various teams within your organization.

Research and Product Teams

For research and product teams, understanding the needs and preferences of patients is crucial in building medtech products with market fit. By integrating human factors research into your processes, you can gain valuable insights into patient behaviors, motivations, and usability challenges. This knowledge allows you to develop products that truly meet the needs of your target audience, ensuring their successful adoption and, ultimately, changing patient lives. With Thrivable, you can launch new products with confidence, calibrate to the marketplace, and achieve your goals.

Customer Experience Teams

Ensuring the customer’s voice is heard is essential for creating better customer experiences. By integrating human factors research, you can turn feedback into actionable insights that drive meaningful improvements in your customer experience strategies. Understanding how patients interact with your products or services enables you to identify pain points, optimize workflows, and deliver personalized experiences that resonate with your target audience. Thrivable empowers your customer experience teams to make data-driven decisions that enhance patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Marketing Teams

Fueling brand growth requires a deep understanding of your target audience and their preferences. Research provides valuable insights that inform creative strategies, measure the impact of marketing efforts, and help build brands that customers love. By integrating marketing research into your larger research goals, you can develop messaging that resonates with patients, refine your campaigns to achieve better results, and strengthen brand loyalty within your target market. Thrivable enables your marketing teams to leverage the power of human factors research and drive impactful marketing initiatives.


Harness the power of human factors research with Thrivable

Integrating human factors research across your healthcare organization is crucial for transforming patient care. At Thrivable, we provide the solutions and expertise to break down silos and foster collaboration. By connecting your teams with our extensive patient database, you can capture valuable insights, make confident decisions, and shape the future of healthcare. Whether it's building breakthrough products, enhancing customer experiences, advancing towards FDA approval, or fueling brand growth, Thrivable empowers your organization to harness the power of human factors research and create patient-centric solutions. Together, we can make a profound impact on the lives of patients worldwide.

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Adam Zandman

Adam Zandman

Adam, Thrivable's Marketing Director, is a passionate advocate for improving the patient experience, driving companies to prioritize the patient voice in their decisions