January 24, 2024

A ‘massive chasm’ exists between patients and medtech companies: This startup has a solution (Cleveland.com - 1/23/24)


David Edelman, Thrivable CEO & Co-Founder, talked with Sean McDonnell of the Cleveland Plain Dealer about Thrivable's origin story and what the company is doing today to fill a big gap in the healthcare space.

Bedford Heights, OH, January 23, 2024 - When the FDA approved it in 2006, many people thought that Exubera — an inhalable, dry powder form of insulin that didn’t need injections — would be a huge hit.

Instead, it ended up being a huge flop and was pulled from shelves soon after it was released. While many things may have contributed to its failure, one thing stands out to David Edelman, a Cleveland-area startup CEO and founder of Diabetes Daily...

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