Understanding the intricacies of customer attrition is a critical challenge for businesses seeking to improve their product offerings. We recently had the privilege of partnering with Ascensia on a groundbreaking project to uncover the reasons behind high attrition rates among current and former Eversense users.

Unleashing the Power of Thrivable: Tackling Attrition with Precision

Ascensia provided us with their verified patient list of individuals who had undergone surgical sensor insertions. To gain deep insights into the reasons for product abandonment, we devised a comprehensive research plan in collaboration with Ascensia. Leveraging our engagement expertise, we reached out to the patient list, inviting them to opt into the study, where they would have the opportunity to share their experiences and contribute to meaningful research.

Navigating Opt-Ins and Ensuring Research Integrity

Securing opt-ins from participants who were unfamiliar with Thrivable posed a unique challenge. To overcome this hurdle, we worked closely with Ascensia to develop co-branded messaging, leveraging their credibility and trust to assure Eversense users that Thrivable is a reputable platform to provide honest feedback. Through a strategic email campaign and reminders, we successfully engaged over 400 participants, with more than 200 actively participating in the research activities. Our commitment to research integrity included robust anti-fraud measures, ensuring the quality and authenticity of the insights gathered.

The Power of Data: Unveiling Insights for Enhanced Retention

Our meticulous survey and in-depth interviews uncovered fascinating findings that shed light on the factors influencing Eversense attrition. Among the top reasons cited was the need for regular calibration, which was listed as a major concern by 67% of respondents. Additionally, we discovered a wide spectrum of experiences with customer service, ranging from extremely satisfactory to extremely unsatisfactory testimonies.

Thrivable: Your Partner in Market Research Power of Data: Unveiling Insights for Enhanced Retention

As a trailblazer in the diabetes industry, we are dedicated to transforming market research practices. Armed with the most extensive diabetes patient database in the USA, comprising over 2 million data points from verified and current patients, we deliver game-changing insights that drive product development and propel business success. If you're ready to unlock the power of Thrivable and elevate your market research endeavors, we invite you to set up a call with our team today.

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Adam Zandman

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