Diabetes Database Panel Book

A Diverse Database Made Up of Over 50,000 Patients Living with Diabetes

We pride ourselves in the work we have done to recruit for and collect rich audience profiles, obtaining over 50 data points, on each of our panelists within our diabetes database. Our clients leverage this data to access the most niche population sets, and to gain insights about them, in order to make more data driven business decisions. Below is a sample of the information we capture from each of our panelists. Contact us for a complete list of the data points we have on our diabetes panelists and to learn how to filter and splice that data to make more impactful decisions for your business.

What you get

  • Visual snapshot of the database

  • Demographic information including Race/Ethnicity, Insurance Type, Education and Income 

  • Health information including A1C Level, Comorbidities, CGM Brand and Injection Method